Hi everybody!! Yes, I AM still kicking!! I have had my nose buried in jewelry and pmc projects since last Friday. At first, the PMC thing frustrated me so badly that I was ready to throw it out with the trash, but I think I’m starting to catch on now. Patience, is an absolute MUST when working with the stuff so I had to slow down a bit an try to ease my way through it. I’m excited though! I finished some new silver cored beads with PMC bead caps, and a new pendant that I absolutely adore! I have a way to go in learning this new media but I’m having a blast in the mean time. I think one of the reasons that I like the PMC so much is because it allows me to marry the ideas of elegance and rustic into one single expression of art. . . I really don’t want the silver to be pristine, I want more of an old world pewter sort of look. I think I’m going to have a blast as I continue to meander my why through my new PMC adventures!


Now that I have finished playing with PMC for the week, I have hit the torch again to make some beads for this week’s preview. So far, I have a new set inspired by the “Treasury Jewel” focals that I’ve made over the past two weeks. I also made a vessel. It was a fun venture, as I haven’t made a vessel since last fall. I think it’s camera shy due to the transparent glass. It is so much prettier in real life. If I have time, I might take another photo of it before Friday.

Well friends, that’s all for today but I’ll be back again soon! Thank you all for stopping in!