Hmm. . .What to say about Desa Elliot? Well, I’ll start by saying that Desa is a truly sweet and generous soul who just so happens to be an emerging lampwork artist. She too was “circled and attacked by the U-boat”, “bitten by the U-squito”, “infected by the U-virus”, “stomped by the U-zilla”. You get the picture. So, I just wanted to write a few very kind words about a gal who I am quite confident pays her taxes, just like the rest of us. Desa and her mom Marilyn own and operate Gothic Glass Jewelry. They’ve been lampworking for just over a year and have been having a blast!

Here’s some fun and informative info taken from her website’s “about me” page:

We started out in this chapter of our lives with a class at the Des Moines Art Center over a year ago. Our teachers, Karin and Ferzana, (may their souls be forever praised), were the catalyst for a creative urge that has met its culmination through a media that is both temperamental as it is calming, volatile as it is beautiful.

Do not get the idea that this talent came easy for us, quite the contrary as a matter of fact. The techniques that we have learned, the reactions of glass to oxygen and propane, mineral to heat, are the result of many hours per day of practice. Repeat and redo, critique, and make improvements the next time. Try and try again.

Besides, both my Mother and I love to play with fire, therefore, practice is no real problem. No problem at all.

Gothic Glass belongs to my Mother and best friend, Marilyn Elliott, and me, Desa Elliott. With a strong background in art and a Master’s degree between us, we make a very eclectic selection of wearable art.