“And now it’s time for deep thoughts”, by Jack Handy.”  Any of you remember that old SNL skit? It always cracked me up and I wish they still ran that one.

Lately I’ve been stuck in my own world of deep thought. . .The tones in my written communication have been a little deep and a bit strange. . Odd expressions written in watery emotional tones have been showing up in every product listing and email I’ve exchanged since mid January. It all started just prior to my last post and since then, I’ve been living in the depths of my mind, my subconscious exposed and raw. As a result, I’ve felt the need to hide from the masses. I’ve dodged Facebook, forums and in some cases, phone calls and visits. My world has been at a basic stand still, even though the clock continued to progress. 

Given that I’ve received several emails of concern, I thought I might need to address this outwardly. I am okay. I’m not depressed, or sad. I’m just in a very deeeeeeeeep thought process that I am trying to come out of.  I’ve been here before and each time I emerge, things are much clearer and I’m far more optimistic and cheerful. It’s a process for me. . .A self imposed purging of the ugly trash that collects over a long period of being on psychological auto pilot. Because I’m such an isolationist, I disappear from the outward scenes for sometimes months at a time. It’s good to be an artist because “eccentricity” is sometimes expected and easily forgiven. I’ll try not to abuse the cliche too much. 

It’s March, so there’s hope for all of us. I know some of you are sick of this cold and miserable winter weather. I’m looking forward to spring. Longer days, shorter nights and lots more opportunity stretch my legs instead of my brain.

That’s all for now. Hope you all have a great finish to your week.