It’s been about a year since I’ve written a tutorial and much thought has gone into the preparation of this one.  Sunset Opal Mandala was the most requested, but with it being such a large bead I decided to go a different route. Right now, love is on my mind and nothing symbolizes the emotion better than the heart’s form. It’s graceful, sentimental, and meaningful and I particularly love working with the shape.

This tutorial will include an inspirational supplement, and full instructions for the Sunset Opal Heart, Plutonic Love Heart and Moonlight Waltz heart. Hopefully, I’ll have it wrapped up in a couple of weeks. Later this week, I’ll post more details and the glass required for each design so that some of you can go ahead and purchase the needed supplies.

Sunset Opal Heart

Plutonic Love Heart

Moonlight Waltz Heart

Moonlight Waltz Heart

 Talk to you soon!! 🙂