The emergence of the midlife point can be utterly confusing. Just when we think we know where we are going, someone or something throws a spoke in the wheel and the next thing we know, we are spinning off onto a completely different road. I think this is why so many women and men head back to college, buy a sports car, ditch their spouse or have a nervous breakdown. I’ve chosen college, with the intent of getting my BS in Psychology. I have to admit, the idea is a bit intimidating, but it’s actually a calling that I had always refused to listen to. I shoved my fingers in my ears and sang the Smurf song till it went away. It’s back now and the Smurf song tactic of self avoidance no longer works. lol

My clarity of interest in this vocation came when I began studying the works of Carl Jung, and psychological astrologer, Liz Greene.  Being the skeptic that I am, I had to learn to read natal charts in order to see the connections between natal chart planetary placements and the psychological makeup of one’s personality. This to me was so enlightening that I could not escape the grip of what felt like a crazed obsession to investigate and discover as much as I could about this specialized profession. I began pulling charts on family members, friends and pretty much anyone else who would grace me with their birth information.  This is what I’ve been doing since January of this year and while the period has been relatively short, I’ve learned enough to know that THIS is where I’m going. . .Back to school to earn my psychology degree and obtain my PAC certification.

My interest in astrology isn’t for the purpose of “fortune telling” or the like. I’m not interested in predicting personal or even worldly mundane events. I’m interested in helping to heal the the psychological wounds that result in human suffering.  My career as lampwork bead artist has provided me with a desperately needed transformation of self confidence. This wouldn’t have been possible without so many of you in my corner.  Please know that your acceptance and appreciation of my work is now the solid foundation in which I plan to launch the second phase of my life. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

I do intend to continue to make beads for a REALLY long time to come. It will take me at least three years to get my BA and it’s highly doubtful that I will ever abandon my love of glass or the friends that I’ve made through this exciting profession. I would miss you all too much and my soul would suffer the loss. After all, part of the reason that I’m so drawn to this new passion is to help artists who are suffering from severe periods of depression or heavy blocks in creativity, both of which plague the artistic psyche and during those times the emotional pain can be so intense that it’s nearly debilitating. Often through studying the charts of gifted artists, I found that a great deal of heavy suffering took place in the early life of the artist. Their charts reflect watery empathic souls, seemingly almost programmed to expect nothing more than tragedy and suffering. I think that through healing some of the psychological wounds suffered, a transformation of soul and creative clarity can be achieved. I do admit my ideals are high, but I’m willing to throw my coins into the pot to find out  for sure.

Okay, so now that I’ve made my quarterly blog post, I suppose I can go enjoy some beautiful and NON HUMID weather, good music, awesome company (Mark) and a glass of cold Pinot G!

Hope you all have a nice holiday!