Since I came back from the retreat in Asheville, I have been having a blast! I forgot how versatile the old Terra glass was. I swear, It was almost magical!! Since I have a few rods, I decided to work with it all week this week. A little goes a pretty long way, unless I’m making the Roman Bath House beads.

Here is a bit of what will go into inventory tomorrow. . I am going to list them on my site at 2pm eastern time.

House of Vettii, Focal 8

House of Vettii Fcl 8

Drum Beat Focal Trio

Bella Blues Focal Trio

Moroccan Treasures Focal 8

This week, I won’t have any sets because these particular beads have to be worked very slowly and in a cooler flame so that the details and colors turn out properly. I will however, haveĀ a couple of pairs and focals that will be added tomorrow.

Thank you all for checking in, and I’m wishing you a wonderful finish to the day!