Tonight, I’m going to be introducing several lampwork artists who need our help to combat the very sad and petty tax evador Fraud! Fraud! Fraud! blog in googles search rankings. . .

First on the list is lampworker, Dawn Ceccacci. She’s been rockin’ the torch far longer than I have and having the time of her life too. I’m pretty sure she pays her taxes just like the rest of us, so, without further delay, meet Dawn!!

Here’s her quick bio. . .She’s not selling online right now, but plans to in the near future. Please bookmark her site and visit often to see when her beautiful pieces of lampwork will become available.

My name is Dawn Ceccacci and I love to melt glass! I am a “Lampwork” artist. I have been making beads for close to 10 years now. In addition to making beads I test Brass Tools for Mike of Mike makes the most awesome brass presses on the market today for working with glass! Plus, I also test Frit (crushed glass) for As a Frit Tester, I receive the latest glass color blends available on the market to work with and then post my results on the Frit Testing Page of my website.

I have been published in the 2010 Glass Bead Calendar, 2009 Glass Bead Calendar, The Flow Magazine, Gallery of Women in Glass Winter 2008/2009, Bead Review 2 A Year of Exceptional Art Glass Beads, The Flow Magazine, Wigwag Article 2008, 1000 Jewelry Inspirations, Rockport/Quarry Publishers, The Flow Magazine, Gallery of Women in Glass, Winter 2007/2008, Step By Step Beads, Interweave Press, March/April 2007

I am truly blessed to be able to keep busy with my web business and teaching Lampwork classes in my home studio in Howell Michigan.