Having slept on this tutorial idea for a couple of nights, and based on yesterday’s test bead, I am going to do a tut for a medium sized (almost round) focal. My suspicions of a nice Terra sub were confirmed, although it changes the look of the bead a bit. It’s much sharper with an overall deeper chroma. Actually, I think I might like it better!! What do you guys think? I’d love your feedback!

Enchanted Hydrangea Focal

Enchanted Hydrangea Focal, View 1

Enchanted Hydrangea Focal, View 2


 The focal is 22mm hole to hole by 24mm diameter. Originally, my idea was to write instruction that yields a 14mm bead. After a bit of thought, I decided to go a bit larger because I believe that doing so will help provide more room for you to work until you get the hang of the beads design and construction. Once you get it down-pat, you can scale up or down and even make changes that incorporate your own spin or signature touch.  

The photography for this project will start on Monday and I hope to have the tut ready in about a week or so.