Utopia Wednesday, Jan 19 2011 

Utopia. . .What a nice idea, huh? A world where everyone loves everyone, everyone looks out for everyone and everyone is equal. I don’t think the world we live in will ever be capable of such unity. If a simple biological family can’t achieve utter peace and harmony, who’s to think the world could be capable of such a high ideal? I think as long as the world spins, both love and hate will spin along with it. I know this sounds like a pessimistic point of view, but it does keep my feet on the ground. I have such a tendency to swing between the poles of the Utopian wish and stone cold realism. Often times I find myself stuck somewhere in the middle trying to figure out what it all means. Today is one of those days. . .I want to be productive, but my mind would rather theorize about the many mysteries of human life.

While pondering the elusive ways of humanity, I began thinking about what life on earth as an Utopian society could possibly be like.  What about games? Leadership roles? If everyone is equal, there would be no more competition because one of the drivers of the competitive nature seems to come from one’s need to prove one’s self. In Utopia, I can only imagine that games would eventually be phased out due to their lack of importance. Or, perhaps games would be played without the winner being recognized. . .Everyone gets the same prize for good sportsmanship and participation. Where’s the fun in that, though?? Why compete if you’re not going to be the only one who wins a gold medal?

What happens to the individual spirit in the Utopian society?? Or does it still exist at all? Would anyone have personal freedom? I doubt it. It may seem so in the beginning. . .Everyone doing what they love because it creates a happy spirit, but who’s plowing the fields as everyone sits enjoying their quality “me time”.  Who’s cooking dinner, and doing the chores? And what’s the punishment for not pulling one’s own weight? Well, nevermind that because in Utopia, there would be no punishment because everyone would know just what to do to keep unity, en mass. Everyone would agree on EVERYTHING. No one would have a point of view that would differ from their neighbor because that would cause the disruption that doesn’t exist in such a society. And THIS would be why I love the world and I love reality. . .Although brutal at times, it still has much to offer. In many cultures we think for ourselves, we have the right to our own points of view should we choose to express them. Competition and goal achievement  is a way of life and when we lose, we have the opportunity to decide whether to make peace with the loss or continue training for the next competition.

I love the world for all of its flaws. I love humans for all of their flaws. . I love reality and I love Utopia, but to me, it is only a fantasy rather than a vision and now that I am ending this session of outward mind ramble, I’m beginning to see why I choose reality. It’s the unexpectedness of what tomorrow may bring, the excitement, the emotion, the up, the down and the everything in between. The learning moments, the teaching moments and the quiet moments.

I make beads. . .They are my utopic fantasy expressed in concrete form. Little worlds where if I’m having a good day, everything is beautiful and in perfect harmony. I think this is why I like hearts so much these days. . .To me, they are symbolic of perfect unconditional love. Oh, there I go with that Utopian vision again but as I’ve already stated, it does live in my soul. . .

Romantic Obsession


Evolving or Just Spinning Out of Control? Thursday, Oct 9 2008 

Hi you all! I know, quiet again am I. I can’t help it. When I become either overwhelmed with inspiration or depressed due to creative block, I almost always become withdrawn. When I’m on a roll and my progression is coming along swimmingly, I’m much more chatty and even almost organized. Right now, I’m obsessed with the new direction that I’d like to take with my glass work and that direction required a new torch. Last week I purchased a GTT Cheetah. I installed it over the weekend and have been getting to know it’s complex flame environment. Although the torch is hotter than my Mini CC, it still not hot enough thanks to my limited oxygen setup. I either need additional oxygen concentrator or a new oxygen source altogether. Woe is me. . . I suppose I’ll get there eventually.

First, I’ll talk about my new Dragonfly series. Funny, huh? Summer’s over. Shouldn’t I be doing Autumn leaves or Christmas trees? I suppose I should, but my muse has no sense of time or season. Hence this bead, “Early Snow”. I’m pretty sure that this dragonfly wouldn’t have wanted to come out from his hiding place to take a peak at the unexpected October snow storm. 😉

Early Snow

Also, a couple of new urn shaped focals. . .
House of Vettii Urn

House of Vettii Urn

Garden Wishes

Garden Wishes Urn

I’ve also been working on blown glass pieces. They have been the biggest source of my frustration but the feeling is actually bitter-sweet. These made these two pieces into oil lamps. 🙂

Hanging Dragonfly Oil Candle

Hanging Dragonfly Oil Candle


Classical Garden Oil Candle Lamp

Gazing Ball Oil Candle Lamp

The Gazing Ball lamp was a total pain in the A$$!!!! It was a good experience though. She stands a full 4.5″ tall and is the largest piece I’ve ever made. I’m keeping her, as my little trophy.

Here’s wishing you all a wonderful weekend!!!  

Hi Beaders!! Wednesday, Jul 23 2008 

As usual, I am sorry for my lack of recent postings. . .I would blame it on the fact that I’m busy, but really, that’s not a good excuse. I guess I sort of need to be in the “mood” to write. Plus, I work on beads and jewelry every single day so by the time I have a moment to sit down and write, I can’t think of a thing to say!

So far this week, I have only two focals in the gallery.  The “Pandora” focal was inspired by the audio book that I’m listening to by Anne Rice. The title is “Pandora” and it’s a novel from her Vampire Chronicles. I been having a blast listening to her audios while I work! I particularly like Pandora’s character. . .She was a Patrician Roman woman turned vampire during the reign of Augustus. The book takes walks you through her transition and gives a beautiful visual of the fabrics, decor, fashion and political position of the Patrician Roman woman. When I sat down to torch and listen, she became my muse. Sure, she’s a vampire but she’s soft, sweet, beautiful and she only takes the bad guys as victims. During her life as a Roman, her name was Lydia. See, I knew there was another reason that I liked her! 😉



Urgh! I am still playing “get to know ya” with my PMC. Thankfully, it’s becoming easier as I continue to work with it. I made the bail for this pendant and I love the bead so much that I am going to make a couple that are similar to it over the next couple of days. I am in love with color pallet. . .It reminds me of the Servilia’s interior decor in the series “Rome”.

“Royal Ball”

Well, I am headed to the torch now. Thank you all for stopping by!

She had style, she had class and she sure knew how to handle her men!! Monday, Jun 9 2008 

I’m talking about Cleopatra, of course. lol

I was in the studio for the better part of the day yesterday working on a new bead design. Recently I made a set of beads called “Queen of Alexandria.” The set was inspired by the ebook that I was listening to at the time, “Antony and Cleopatra” by Colleen McCullough. After I finished it, I listened to “Memories of Cleopatra” by Margaret George. Whew!! Talk about baby mamma drama! Both books were good though. I think I preferred the one by Colleen McCullough more. Both were absolutely gripping, but “Memoriors of Cleapatra” had a sort of Harlequin Romance feel to it at times. Still yet, I love the places that both authors allowed me to virtually visit.

When I made the first “Queen of Alexandria” bead set, I liked it, but my artistic vision felt a bit limited by the tiny pallets that I was working on. Yesterday, I was inspired to try something a bit different with the design concept. . .Not quite as much yellow. When I think of Alexandria, I think of yellow white sands, blue green harbors, tropical leaves, ornate gold gilding inspired by Greek design. So, this is what I came up with. . .Of course, the bead had to be very feminine since it celebrates the memory of a Queen.

I also made a couple of sterling cored beads over the weekend. These were fun, but I had to do them “old school”, since i don’t have one of Jim Moore’s tools. That said, I’m still very happy with them. I polished and shined them this morning and they photographed very nicely. I am going to make more of them this week. These beads will fit Pandora, Biagi and Troll bracelets.

 I’m going to do my best to have a lot more beads this Friday than I did last Friday. I’ll be listing them again at 2pm Eastern. I’ll come back and update throughout the week as I have time to do my photography.

Enjoy your week!!!

This is why I love the old Terra! Thursday, Jun 5 2008 

Since I came back from the retreat in Asheville, I have been having a blast! I forgot how versatile the old Terra glass was. I swear, It was almost magical!! Since I have a few rods, I decided to work with it all week this week. A little goes a pretty long way, unless I’m making the Roman Bath House beads.

Here is a bit of what will go into inventory tomorrow. . I am going to list them on my site at 2pm eastern time.

House of Vettii, Focal 8

House of Vettii Fcl 8

Drum Beat Focal Trio

Bella Blues Focal Trio

Moroccan Treasures Focal 8

This week, I won’t have any sets because these particular beads have to be worked very slowly and in a cooler flame so that the details and colors turn out properly. I will however, have a couple of pairs and focals that will be added tomorrow.

Thank you all for checking in, and I’m wishing you a wonderful finish to the day!