Hi you all! This time, I have a legitimate excuse for a week long blog silence. I’ve been writing that e-book that I wasn’t sure I wanted to write. I knew that I wanted to officially announce it today and since I tend to get a little gun shy about forum posts, I just needed to get it done and over with. Here’s what I wrote. . . 

For quite awhile now, I’ve been working on a new ebook, called “The Glass Symphony”. I had been asked by several lovely folks to do a surface applied rose tutorial. Given all of the bad vibes going on within the community in terms of tutorials and issues that I was having with the concept all by myself, I had almost become convinced that I’d not write anything again. I stated I wouldn’t. Stated I would. Then did that all over again a couple more times. Now since I’ve actually been writing it, I guess I’m back to my final stance. . .I have written something and this time, I feel great about it.

One of the biggest issues that I had was WHAT I wanted to write and whether or not it would be well received. Writing another step by step design tutorial just isn’t what I wanted to do. The last two that I wrote didn’t sit well with me because there was so much that I wanted to say in them, but I didn’t want my written work to be considered to “wordy”. You know what I mean, too much talkie, not enough action? I can’t write another piece like that although I’m extremely grateful to those who purchase and use my tutorials. Were it not for you, I wouldn’t be interested in writing something new.

When I sat down to begin writing this book, I thought a lot about my own struggles as an artist. I jotted those struggles down on a piece of paper and began to approach each one and how I overcame them. I had forgotten how much anxiety I had as a new artist. The brand of anxiety that I feel today is a bit different and is there for different reasons, so it was nice to reflect back on the years that were exciting, yet troubling for me. I think somehow as I was writing this book I was able to connect with my muse again. Hopefully, if you are struggling, it will help you connect or reconnect with yours as well.

The book is called, “The Glass Symphony” and here’s a little info on it’s contents. . .

Introduction – What the book is about and why I chose to write it.

The Glass Symphony -A piece written as an inspirational tool. It’s goal is to inspire you to be the composer and conductor of your own designs.

The Fundamentals of Design – This chapter covers theoretical principles and elements of design by using common elements within glass beads for the purpose of illustrating the theories. Some of you are already familiar with the fundamentals of design but I think it will be extremely helpful for those who are not.

Color Theory – This chapter will be all about color. I’ll also use beads and rods to help explain color relationships and schemes, color distance and temperature as well as a list of color related definitions and how to use the color wheel.

The remainder of the chapters are dedicated to using the elements and principles of design to create your own version of a rose bead. I’ll show you several different methods of applying a blooming rose design and a rose bud to the surface of your bead. I’ll also make several color suggestions for the roses. Once you’ve practiced the rose design, we’ll move on to the leaves and smaller floral elements. Then we’ll experiment with the composition’s form, textures, ect.

The reason that I chose to express the exercises in this manner, rather than doing a conventional tutorial, is because I personally think it’s a better value than what I gave you in the past.

Some of the exercises in this book will be better executed by the advanced lampworker, but that doesn’t mean that you new bead makers shouldn’t give it a try. I think it will inspire those of all bead making levels. At least, that is my hope. In writing this, one of the most difficult things I dealt with was my own insecurities. . .Who died and made me the boss of what is and isn’t art? What makes me the expert on this subject? Well, no one died and I’m not. I do know what worked for me throughout my journey and the theories that I use to compose visual art and that’s what I want to share with you.

I am hoping to have this “thang” wrapped up by the weekend but it’s been a project to say the least. If it’s not ready by then, I should at least have a preview available for those that are interested.

Now that my head is back on straight, I realize that I won’t actually have this book done by the weekend. There are a few sections that I want to add, so this book won’t be released for at least another week. Plus, I wasn’t thinking about the fact that I need to take tomorrow off from writing so that I can make some focal beads to sell in the mean time. Still hoping to have the preview ready sometime this weekend though. . .