Sandy Cowen, please keep her in your prayers. Saturday, Aug 1 2009 

I just wanted to pass on some information about Sandy Cowen, a very talented glass artisan who is also being targeted by the now infamous, Ullja Kuntze.  She had a stroke a couple of nights ago and was released from the hospital this morning. She is back home and resting, so please keep her and her family in your prayers during this difficult time. 

If you are an artist and find yourself “lucky” enough to be featured in her blog, don’t respond to her allegations. Just like a computer virus, she seems to be everywhere on the net. . .Forums, marketplaces, YOUR BLOG, YOUR SITE, ect. If you try to defend yourself against what she’s accusing you of, she will twist your words to make you look guilty so she can scare off your potential customers. She’ll do it in all caps, bolded fonts and lots exclamation points. She’s done this to me as well as the others, HENCE, I’m no longer commenting on those accusations. She is NOT your judge and jury! She’s simply a bitter lampworker who ruined her reputation so badly that she can’t sell in your marketplace anymore.  The IRS is not out to get you. Your state revenue office is not out to get you. Your local tax assessors are not out to get you. (Mine was not only helpful, but quite pleasant too when we spoke on the phone.) Calm down and take a deep breath. This is only a psychological game she’s playing. Email me with if you hear from her and I’ll give you my immediate attention.

As for me, I didn’t get to work today but that’s okay. Mark is taking me out to dinner for some well deserved small talk and margaritas. I’m pretty excited about that.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Missing posts? Friday, Jul 31 2009 

The posts in reference to Ullja’s current vengeful mission to ruin my name and my business have been removed, as she obviously loves being the center of attention.  It seems that the more her blog is visited, the more it rises in the search engines so I’ve unlinked it from my blog. I guess for now all I can do is hope that my customers will have faith in me as a person and artisan. Up until this point, my entire life has been on hold. I have to move on until this goes into litigation.

I still haven’t gotten around to listing my new bracelets.  I have a few I’d like to work on later, if I get the chance to do so.  Hopefully I can get some new work up this weekend.  I don’t know though. I can’t focus much right now. I still have a lot of emails to catch up on, so if you’ve written me over the past week and I haven’t answered it’s not that I don’t want to talk to you, it’s that I don’t have time right now. I will though. I have the messages saved and hopefully I won’t miss writing any of you back. If I do, please know that I have a lot of emails since this nightmare began and I just can’t keep up with everything right now.

Thank you all for the support too. I’ll never forget the kindness and support I’ve been shown over the past couple of weeks.