Hi you all! I know, quiet again am I. I can’t help it. When I become either overwhelmed with inspiration or depressed due to creative block, I almost always become withdrawn. When I’m on a roll and my progression is coming along swimmingly, I’m much more chatty and even almost organized. Right now, I’m obsessed with the new direction that I’d like to take with my glass work and that direction required a new torch. Last week I purchased a GTT Cheetah. I installed it over the weekend and have been getting to know it’s complex flame environment. Although the torch is hotter than my Mini CC, it still not hot enough thanks to my limited oxygen setup. I either need additional oxygen concentrator or a new oxygen source altogether. Woe is me. . . I suppose I’ll get there eventually.

First, I’ll talk about my new Dragonfly series. Funny, huh? Summer’s over. Shouldn’t I be doing Autumn leaves or Christmas trees? I suppose I should, but my muse has no sense of time or season. Hence this bead, “Early Snow”. I’m pretty sure that this dragonfly wouldn’t have wanted to come out from his hiding place to take a peak at the unexpected October snow storm. 😉

Early Snow

Also, a couple of new urn shaped focals. . .
House of Vettii Urn

House of Vettii Urn

Garden Wishes

Garden Wishes Urn

I’ve also been working on blown glass pieces. They have been the biggest source of my frustration but the feeling is actually bitter-sweet. These made these two pieces into oil lamps. 🙂

Hanging Dragonfly Oil Candle

Hanging Dragonfly Oil Candle


Classical Garden Oil Candle Lamp

Gazing Ball Oil Candle Lamp

The Gazing Ball lamp was a total pain in the A$$!!!! It was a good experience though. She stands a full 4.5″ tall and is the largest piece I’ve ever made. I’m keeping her, as my little trophy.

Here’s wishing you all a wonderful weekend!!!