Today’s “not a tax evader” post is on the behalf of lampwork artist and maker of unique custom murrini, Renee William Wiggins of Jet Age Studio. Renee’s contemporary style ¬†beads are full of vibrant color and murrini chips. You can view her galleries here¬† and her murrini offerings here.

A bit more info about Jet Age:

JetAge Studio sprung from the artistic minds of Renee and William Wiggins in 2006 as an effort to promote each other’s art as self-representing artists. We are working artists, and our studio has long been a multimedia studio featuring artworks in wood, steel, glass, and paint as our form of artistic expression. As we’ve grown through our art, so has our studio, and today we find the glass side has taken over the JetAge Studio namesake. The passion Renee feels to give back to the glassworking community in the form of working knowledge and custom artisan supplies has proved to be the right path for our studio.