Taurus Moon

 Between my studies and my time in the studio, I’ve again neglected my blog duties. Of course if those two things were not “in the way”, it would be something else. For example, “I couldn’t get to blogging last month. .. I had to feed my dogs.” Okay, so in the mean time as I’m snagging some spare minutes and forcing myself to write a few lines, I thought maybe you’d enjoy hearing about the Taurus Moon beads. . .How they’re made, and perhaps what inspired them.

The Taurus Moon beads are definitely a recent favorite of mine. Not because I love to wear things with pretty pink roses. In fact, I don’t wear pink, nor do I wear roses. I wear tshirts and blue jeans, pajamas and no jewelry. Still, these little orbs of decedent beauty set my soul on fire when I look at them. I think I may have mentioned that I used to be an avid rose gardener.  This is either a former part of my self or just one who lies dormant until I have time to once again take care of a rose garden. They require a great deal more love and time than I have to give during this phase of my life.  Expressing my love them through glass feeds my soul.

The base can only be described as “ethereal”.  Most of the beads have tonal shifts beneath the clear surface, ranging in tones of pastel pink, mint green and gold with cloudy opalescent striations.  There’s just something magical about it and the pink rose murrini chips are perfectly at home in this opulent environment.  There is no real secret to getting the look either. . .Just a little patience, a rod of pale aqua transparent, Double Helix’s Aurae and some Moretti pastel white.  Even without the rose chips, the base glass has much to offer. The core of the bead is white, encased with Aurea, reduced and then encased with transparent aqua. The rest is careful application of murrini chips and some decorative leaves made of DaVinci and emerald green dots.

Well, off to the torch I go. Have a great afternoon!!!