Another “Vettii” bead. . . Wednesday, Jun 11 2008 

Last week’s “House of Vettii” focal evoked a response that I didn’t quite expect. Normally, red beads aren’t hot sellers for me. That is one of the reasons that I work so often in blues and greens. People seem to love the combination and it is almost always well received. However, (for me) the color red is one that stimulates my senses. Not just any ole red though. A red that has a bit of blue mixed in. . .It cools down the red so that it is less visually “hot”. When I see red in it’s pure hue, it doesn’t appeal to me in the least. It evokes emotions that I don’t care to identify with. Maybe it’s because so many dangerous things in life are purely red. . .I guess that is why warnings signs on the road are red with white writing on them. Red stop signs, red traffic lights, red sirens on emergency response vehicles, the red glass knob in the movie “The Sixth Sense”. However, a rich garnet red feels very different to me. It makes me think of romance, passion, intense emotion, drama and a tasty glass of good cab-sav. Amazing what tiny bit of blue can do for the color red. . .

The first time that I saw pictures of the House of Vettii, I was studying classical murals. The inspiration that engulfed my mind nearly brought me to tears. A visit to Pompeii is number one on my list of things to do one day. It would be nice if they still traveled via litter over there, I would do it in a skinny minute. . . I am sure that I would be too spiritually swept off of my own feet if I tried to follow the tour guy through the ancient town.

Speaking of litters, lately I have been thinking about purchasing a new car. I kind of don’t need one since I work from home. If I purchased one for myself, I would have a car payment. I don’t want one of those right now. The only reason that I would need one of my own is so that I could run to the store or to the post office. Hmmm. . .Maybe it would be cheaper if I just hire 6 muscle bound dudes dressed in loin clothes to carry me to the corner “Quick Stop” on a big ole bed. Since my outings would only take place about once month or so, it might be more cost effective. Heh. . .The vision in my head is too funny. Could you imagine being on your way to work and getting stuck behind a litter? Well, it may be frustrating but at least you’d have something fun to look at as you wait to make your way down the street. However, I doubt your boss would buy the excuse, “Sorry, boss, I was late because I got stuck behind another danged litter this morning. . . Things move slower than my grandma!”

Geez, I just drove the bus right off of the road with that idea. The point that I was trying to get to in paragraph one was really supposed to be about the new Vettii bead that I made on Monday. lol  Here she is. . .She’ll go on sale Friday.

So far this week, I’m making nice progress. I should have several focals, some lampwork charms, lampwork pairs for earrings and quite a few silver cored beads. I haven’t had time to photograph it but if I have time before Friday, I’ll get some pics and post them here.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!


She had style, she had class and she sure knew how to handle her men!! Monday, Jun 9 2008 

I’m talking about Cleopatra, of course. lol

I was in the studio for the better part of the day yesterday working on a new bead design. Recently I made a set of beads called “Queen of Alexandria.” The set was inspired by the ebook that I was listening to at the time, “Antony and Cleopatra” by Colleen McCullough. After I finished it, I listened to “Memories of Cleopatra” by Margaret George. Whew!! Talk about baby mamma drama! Both books were good though. I think I preferred the one by Colleen McCullough more. Both were absolutely gripping, but “Memoriors of Cleapatra” had a sort of Harlequin Romance feel to it at times. Still yet, I love the places that both authors allowed me to virtually visit.

When I made the first “Queen of Alexandria” bead set, I liked it, but my artistic vision felt a bit limited by the tiny pallets that I was working on. Yesterday, I was inspired to try something a bit different with the design concept. . .Not quite as much yellow. When I think of Alexandria, I think of yellow white sands, blue green harbors, tropical leaves, ornate gold gilding inspired by Greek design. So, this is what I came up with. . .Of course, the bead had to be very feminine since it celebrates the memory of a Queen.

I also made a couple of sterling cored beads over the weekend. These were fun, but I had to do them “old school”, since i don’t have one of Jim Moore’s tools. That said, I’m still very happy with them. I polished and shined them this morning and they photographed very nicely. I am going to make more of them this week. These beads will fit Pandora, Biagi and Troll bracelets.

 I’m going to do my best to have a lot more beads this Friday than I did last Friday. I’ll be listing them again at 2pm Eastern. I’ll come back and update throughout the week as I have time to do my photography.

Enjoy your week!!!