Orphan Auction on Ebay Saturday, Aug 22 2009 

Orphan Auction on Ebay

Orphan Auction on Ebay

With things being so crazy, and work being more a chore than a pleasure, I have a group of 20 orphans that I listed on Ebay last night.  When I made them, I was in a bit of a funk. I was suffering from the “U Virus”. If you are unaware of this social disease, here’s a public service announcement, written in part by CUVDC (Center of U Virus Disease Control), member, Mark D. Muell:

The “U” Virus – There is not yet a cure but there have been some very promising breakthroughs. After several setbacks, we understand that this virus can cause some debilitating symptoms, like panic, rage, fear, loathing, disgust, speechlessness, insomnia, dry heaves and other extremely painful unpleasantries. Our goal is to find a cure for the “U” virus. Through research and the sharing of information and ideas, we at the CUVDC, (Center of “U” Virus Disease Control) are determined to develop an antivirus to vaccinate those infected, or are at risk of infection. Funding for this program is being collected through the AGLF fund. The “U Virus” germ is quite large and easily identifiable. It looks a lot like Veruca Salt from Willie Wanka. If you see it, do not run around screaming with your arms flailing about. Fear could induce a hybrid strain of the virus. It is best to look the germ straight in the eye as you laugh from the pit of your stomach and as loudly as possible. Further public announcements will be made as we continue to work to eradicate the online hand crafted art communities of this unfortunate disease.

"U" Virus Germ

"U" Virus Germ

If you are looking to shop for beautiful bead bargains that will benefit our mission of eradicating this social disease, please have a gander at Debbie Peirce’s webpage for links to products that directly benefit the AGLF. Click, Click, Click ME!


Uzilla’s accusation of FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD!!!! Sunday, Aug 16 2009 

Ya’ll know I’ve been really busy behind the scenes, working with my fellow artisans who have been placed on “Uzilla’s” blog of shame. Today is the first chance I’ve had to come back and update on we are doing and what’s going on. Some of it, I can’t share but some of it, I can. I know too that a lot of you that come here are my fellow bead makers. I want to assure you that Uzilla cannot possibly ruin your life by putting your name on her blog. Her words are nothing more than threats designed to scare the hell out of you, whether you are doing everything right or everything wrong in terms of how you handle your business with local, state and federal governments.  I am pretty sure she’s also trying to run interference by putting libelous content about you and your business on line in the hopes that you’ll lose customers and potential customers. 

As Uzilla might say, “Let me enlighten your knowledge. . .” Her obsessive-compulsive dissing won’t harm your business unless YOU let it.  Since this has happened to me I’ve had little time for the torch or for business, PERIOD.  Still yet, I have had so much support from my customers and fellow lampworkers. Right now my name and business name is being googled more than ever, thanks to recent reputable publications. Some of the people who saw those pubs also saw the infamous Tax FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD blog, just as I knew they would. I was afraid that the people seeing it would lose interest in my work. That wasn’t the case at all.  A few of those folks were so appalled by what they read that they sent me personal emails filled with support and encouragement. Even some of Uzilla’s former customers have contacted me with words of support.

As for the IRS, State and local agencies, I’ve only heard from my property tax assessor and zoning department. The zoning department didn’t open a report because I’m operating a home based business per their guidelines. I am accused of being a “Fraud on all levels” so after much thought, I decided to publicly address the accusation made against me by Uzilla of Woodway Texas:

Personal property taxes: Did I or did I not pay them? No. I did not. Is it “tax evasion/fraud”? No it is not. Why? I did not know I had to. When I opened my business, I called to find out if I needed a business license. I was told no but was not told that I had to list my business with the county even though a business license was not required. So, I hung up the phone and went about my business. Therefore, I have unintentionally avoided paying Davidson County their well deserved personal property tax. When contacted by the tax accessors office via us mail, I immediately called them and they explained everything to me. Here in my county this is a very common mistake among small business owners since business licences aren’t required for most small home based businesses. This is not fraud. This is lack of awareness on my part and it’s a lack of important information being shared by the county employee I spoke to several years ago when I called about getting a business license. No. . .It is not FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD!!!

My sales tax ID number: It was obtained in 2006 under my business name by my dear husband. He was off work and ran an errand for me. Any sales tax owed by my business has been paid through that ID number. So, when she started screaming her head off on her blog about this, I was freaked out and thinking, “OMG! Did I do something wrong?!!” I called the NC state tax office. I explained this stupid crap to them and they told me how to fix it. . .Close the one I was using and open a new one under my own name and business name. He also said as long as I paid the tax collected by my company, that’s really all that matters in this situation. Again, no FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD here.

As of this writing I have not heard from the IRS or NC State Revenue, although I’m sure she reported me. This is the part that I fear the least. I’ve reported my business income, as I’m supposed to. I’ve turned a lovely profit for two years now and they’ll see that when they look at her reports. If they want to audit me, I’m prepared for that. I always have been prepared for the off chance that I would be audited. That’s why I am very thorough when I report business income and expenses. Her obnoxious talking head creates no new fears for me in this area because my tax records are in order.

I have yet to figure out why she’s screaming about business paypal accounts. This just makes zero since to me so I won’t address it. It’s just too dumb to care about.

We need to no longer fear this person’s constant threats and screams for attention. She’s angry and she wants us to feel the same fear that she felt last year when her business was shut down due to her own shady business dealings. To me, it seems that she is mad because she can no longer experience the joy of selling online without proper business permits and tax ID numbers. Since she has been SO in my business, I decided to do some public records searches of my own. I found some very fun and interesting fact about the infamous “Uzilla” and her business legitimacy. I’ll share those a little later.  

The best revenge is living well. I plan to do so but before I get back to my regularly scheduled life, I’m going to blog about her business related public records on blogspot.com since they don’t seem to care about this kind of thing. I’ll put a link here so you can all follow along as we find out more information. Unfortunately this is necessary, not because I want vengeance but because I am TIRED of seeing my friends go through the emotional hell that’s being delivered by this loud mouthed vindictive and angry person. It’s unfair. It’s uncalled for and it’s just plain WRONG.

Today, I’m going to go make a new set of peacock beads for Ebay and Uzilla can kiss my lilly white ass!

P.S. Thank you all again for the support!!! I couldn’t have gotten through this without all of you. Hugs and love to all of you!

Edited to add: I changed my mind. I don’t need to put anything on my blog about her business history. Her actions speak for themselves so I’ll just leave it at that.